Building full inclusion through videogames

Do you remember the feeling of complete joy you felt when you saw your first video game?

It is a feeling that is difficult to forget, that mixture of illusion and the conviction that the world will be a simply great place, it is one of those occasions when you feel that life will smile at you forever.

Drawing of an absolutely happy girl

Unfortunately this has not been the case for everyone, historically, the world of video games and, in general, the technological world has been a private preserve for those who see perfectly, have perfect body and an extreme capacity for concentration. This has left out a large number of people of different abilities and objectives . This has to change .

How to do it?

Well, how do I propose to change this situation ?:

  1. Accessibility .- The first step is to study and raise awareness about accessibility, this on the one hand will allow me to improve the technique, evaluate the precise methods and teach others to do it as well.
  2. Communication . – It is useless to have the best idea if it is not communicated properly, it is not only about spreading the word but also about studying which is the best method to raise awareness, full inclusion is a two-way street.
  3. Productivity .- It may seem something out of the target, but it is not enough to make things “accessible”, you have to make them efficient, balancing the real world oportunities requires mastering different techniques to optimize both the time and the method to be used to perform a task … or a move in a game.
  4. Video game .- All of the above is united with the objective of creating truly inclusive video games, taking as a basis the previous subjects to more than studying the world of video games from the same base, otherwise we will hardly be able to create truly valuable experiences for all player profiles .

Does the idea appeal to you? Join me on this wonderful journey and let’s make a difference!