The Azuer Dam in 2004, through this place I passed on the way to the Sierra de Segura when I spent summers in the area ... and symbol of one of the lessons I have had to learn

Learn to fall five times and get up six.

I am launching the sixth version of my personal website these days. A lot has happened since my first babbling in the web world, and my life has taken many turns. I’ve had to learn some lessons, some for the good and some for the bad. Learning to fall and get up seems to be a lifelong learning.

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Today I am doing a small exercise recalling these five previous stages. I want to share some lessons that have shaped my path, some for the good, others with a failure the size of an ocean liner. This has been forcing me to evolve. Nothing that has not lived a large number of human beings before me.

I want to recall what I experienced, however, as a means of learning for me, maybe, if i’m lucky, some other human may be reflected in my experiences, and draw their conclusions.