Learn to fall five times and get up six.

I am launching the sixth version of my personal website these days. A lot has happened since my first babbling in the web world, and my life has taken many turns. I’ve had to learn some lessons, some for the good and some for the bad. Learning to fall and get up seems to be a lifelong learning.

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Today I am doing a small exercise recalling these five previous stages. I want to share some lessons that have shaped my path, some for the good, others with a failure the size of an ocean liner. This has been forcing me to evolve. Nothing that has not lived a large number of human beings before me.

I want to recall what I experienced, however, as a means of learning for me, maybe, if i’m lucky, some other human may be reflected in my experiences, and draw their conclusions.

Learn to explore without falling out of fear of failure.

That is the first lesson I want to highlight. It is very easy to become obsessed with the search for perfection, it is something that can very easily lead us to waste our time. They call it “paralysis by analysis”, we consider that everything must be perfect, our knowledge absolute, and the situation completely propitious. Expecting this is a chimera.

To reach a certain degree of perfection it is necessary to make mistakes, over and over again. Walking the path and dodging the slaps of “destiny” is required. Improve in the process, essential. This opens up new opportunities for us. If we don’t learn this, we will be stuck in a loop of inaction, despair, and guilt; and worse, we will think that we are not good enough … when actually, we are not bold enough.

However, it is important to highlight the difference between bold and reckless. It is not about launching ourselves without preparation, but about adapting our behavior to the situation. Risk and our way of learning should be the guide. If we try to run a marathon on the first day, without preparation, without study, we will die of a heart attack. On the other hand, if we pretend to be perfectly prepared before running our first marathon, we will never take a step. Learning to realize that constancy is essential is an integral part of the evolutionary process.

Metsu 1.0

Learn that acquiring knowledge takes time.

It certainly seems like a truism statement, but not everyone applies it, no matter how obvious it is. It is not enough to read about something, attend three classes, or copy two examples. Becoming a teacher means practicing, practicing, practicing, and when you’re busted, practicing a little more.

Too many times we tend to read two articles and say “I know Kung Fu”. You may know what Kung Fu is, but you don’t know it (not even close). Launching into combat without sufficient preparation, can – as well as exceeding the level of preparation – be the cause of the most absolute failure.

Learn to lose a couple of hours to gain a lifetime.

Metsu 2.0

Learn to lose your ego: excellence without empathy is nothing.

To this day, 2018, I am perplexed at different wars and battles for the most absurd elements, from people who defend machines over people, people who believe they have the right to despise the rest of the human race because “they know what they are worth” – With whom it is impossible to agree because nothing is at the level of their delusions of grandeur -, or on the contrary, who adopt an attitude so submissive that they adopt other people’s concepts as their own without even considering them.

There is one aspect, however, very important in this equation, excellence does not put you above anyone else, it only gives you a series of different skills, but at the endl, if that knowledge is not put at the service of Other people, be it by feeding our loved ones, living better ourselves, or ending hunger in the world, it makes no sense to learn to fall because we will get up for the wrong reasons.

It is important to know and live with the imperfections of others, because ours – whether we want to see them or not – are also there. The deification thing only worked – partially – for Steve Jobs and a few hundred thousand animal lovers who usually end their days eaten by their “cute puppies” when they die among themselves and no one misses them in months. All acquired knowledge must have a different objective than believing oneself better than others, or it will have no value.

Metsu 3.0

Learn that you cannot make a difference alone in the dark.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons, with implications for both good and bad. It makes sense beyond the obvious, working as a team allows you to go further than you alone.

We must be careful with those we associate with:

  • Are they in an evolutionary moment compatible with ours?
  • Will you have the patience to travel along with these people paths that you have already traveled?
  • Are you sharing some bumps that you have overcome but that you must go through again as a team?
  • Are you willing to take the steps to strengthen that union?
  • Are you willing to give up part of your autonomy for the good of the group?

All these lessons are important, but in addition to knowing how to say “yes”, we must learn to say “no” when necessary, and “maybe” when we must give in, even if we are convinced that we are right.

Balancing is the key

It is clear that there are situations and projects that requires doing things alone. However, if we really want to flourish, we must learn to flourish as a team. Learning how to lose individually when necessary to win as a group is also important.

For a former individualist like me, this has been one of the hardest lessons to learn. I still learn every day about myself and about those around me. Sometimes learning to fall individually to get up in a group is positive. If an ignorant like me has been able to start down this path, so can you.

After all, the human being owes a large part of his success to the capacity for individual excellence; Although combined with service to the group, both factors are complementary, and we must not neglect either of them.

Metsu 4.0

Learn that your health comes first.

The Torment of Tantalus, from the Stargate SG-1 series It is an example – as there are many – of the clear commitment that one must have with one’s own health, especially when participating in interesting projects or that are related to our deepest beliefs. Too often there is a risk of putting health on the back burner.

It is logical that it is done for a child or someone valuable in our life; it will be a risk that is run “with a goal.” Perhaps this objective is “to expand the frontiers of knowledge”, “to be the one who knows the most about something”. Or simply “we do not want to risk our work to go to a medical checkup”, it does not matter. The risk then turns into a nightmare when the body says enough, in the worst way, at the most inopportune moment and leaves you, suddenly, in the dry dock. I experienced this the hard way and believe me, it is not pleasant at all, no matter how good your are falling and then getting up “without harm”, it is a conscious effort.

Do not forget that in life no one is irreplaceable. Nor that this is a long-distance race, and to smooth it out, full of obstacles. Running a full marathon as a sprint is not feasible. Even if some effort is required, it must always be measured. Biology is relentless when this simple rule is ignored.

Metsu 5.0

I have everything to learn.

This stage 6.0 that I begin, is the product of a multitude of experiences, and if I want to say something, it is that far from knowing everything, the more I learn about life, about the people around me and about myself, the more aware I am that I am at the beginning of the road, that learning to fall is vital and that I will never understand everything absolutely. And that is precisely what makes me smile the most. And it is that there will always be a new horizon to discover and explore with the innocence and curiosity of a child … there is still hope.

If you please accompany me, let’s walk this stretch of the road together.

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