Presa de Azuer (2004)

Some time ago i had an interesting conversation refering the search within our mind about what to keep as a treasure, and what we need to forget in order to live properly balanced. The direct consequence was my own introspection and the need to process my old photos again with the intention to think again about them and the situations that represent within my current progression in my life’s staircase.

Life Is strange, this image almost was my posthumous photo, now i watch it and feel that that momento was the beginning of a new phase in which i’ve been breaking the armor around my heart. Life has evolved a lot in the last 15 years, that person who took the #alttext photo of “Presa de Azuer” in 2004 is almost completely different person, seems the life of another person.

00016_PresaAzuer_NX_NN_GimpedCC by-nc-saRaul Carrillo Garrido