Chess Card 1: The Board

The Art of War turned into a game, also Called Chess , if not the most famous in history, close will be. An art that not only helps us develop the capacity for reasoning, but is the basis of a whole philosophy of life.

But let’s focus on something more prosaic, this time the board where our game takes place.

A chess board is a square-shaped area, made up of 64 squares or squares, 32 of them light, called “white squares” and 32 dark, called “black squares”, where our little great battle will take place.

This battle takes place between two opponents, who are located one on each side of the board, keeping the box on the right, in the first row, white , or “white on the right”, as they say.

For technical purposes, there are rows, columns and diagonals on the board:


Chess board showing a row example

The rows are each of the eight groups of squares that run horizontally from the perspective of each player, or in geographical terms, the axes oriented from East to West (and vice versa).


Chess board showing an example of columns

The columns are each of the eight groups of squares that run vertically, between the two opponents, North-South (or vice versa) in geographical terms.


Chess board showing an example of diagonal

The diagonals are each of the eight groups of squares that run along the NW-SE and SW-NE axes of the board, on each diagonal, the squares that form it only touch at the corners.

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