I have been playing since my childhood, hand in hand with my mother and a famous Roman Toran manual, I have invested thousands – and happy – hours of my life in this noble game, and developing calculation and planning skills that have been very useful to me. throughout my adult life.

This game always accompanies me, during my childhood with my mother, until I started to win too easily, later at the club, in which – in addition to social skills, one of my vital needs given the extreme bulling that I suffered then – as well as supporting the lesson of strength, perseverance and will acquired thanks to my parents, until adulthood in which I have played mostly online.

During my time as a club player, I experienced some funny things, others not so much and some that I value now, over the years, but that the look of a proud teenager (as a means of defense) did not know how to properly value. I hope to speak of all this in due course.

I currently play through my username is metsuke (as my characteristic avatar and identified as Madrid – Spain), if you dare and pass by (especially if you let me know that you come from “me” from here), we can play some games, I am not particularly good, but not especially clumsy either. Still don’t expect a simple game.

In short, a game that has been with me all my life and that always has a corner in my day to day, although sometimes time does not allow me to dedicate all the time that perhaps it deserves … but that is another story.